Symphonic Variations (2017)

Symphonic Variations (2017)

Celebrate the pure beauty of movement through Ashton’s masterpiece. Available to watch or share for £3.

This performance will be available to watch from 7pm BST on 2 April until 2 May 2021. The performance will last approximately 30 minutes.

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Symphonic Variations was Frederick Ashton’s first choreographic work after returning from serving in the RAF during World War II. It was one of the Company’s first works for the Main Stage of the Royal Opera House, and Ashton and his designer Sophie Fedorovitch agonized over ways to make sure the ballet would be experienced, even at the back of the enormous auditorium. The result, first performed on 24 April 1946, became a cornerstone of The Royal Ballet’s repertory and is acclaimed as one of Ashton’s very finest works. This stream celebrates the 75th anniversary of the ballet's premiere at the Royal Opera House.

The ballet was created for just six dancers, who never leave the stage. The dancers combine in a series of quartets, duets, sextets and solos, perfectly reflecting César Franck’s brooding Variations symphoniques for piano and orchestra. The flow of dancing quickens and slows but retains a sense of serenity and spaciousness – a hint at the mysticism and spirituality Ashton had studied during World War II, and which had a clear impact on his choreography.

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Symphonic Variations (2017)

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