The Winter's Tale (2014)

The Winter's Tale (2014)

Edward Watson, Lauren Cuthbertson, Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae perform in Shakespeare's tale of love and loss. Adaptation by Christopher Wheeldon with music by Joby Talbot. Available to watch for £10 from 6.00pm GMT on Friday 28 January 2022 until 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 27 February 2022.

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Christopher Wheeldon, Artistic Associate of The Royal Ballet, created his adaptation of Shakespeare’s late romance The Winter’s Tale for The Royal Ballet in 2014, with striking designs by Bob Crowley and atmospheric music by Joby Talbot. The ballet, widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for its intelligent, distinctive and emotionally powerful rendering of early modern drama into dance, is performed here by newly retired Principal Edward Watson, and current Principals Lauren Cuthbertson, Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae.

The story follows the destruction of a marriage through consuming jealousy, the abandonment of a child, and a seemingly hopeless love. Yet, through remorse and regret – and the apparent miracle of a statue coming to life – the ending is uplifting as it brings forgiveness and reconciliation. The two lands between which the drama unfolds are vividly portrayed in movement, sound and image. The Sicilia of King Leontes grows in threatening coolness and darkness, while the Bohemia of King Polixenes is a pastoral idyll of lyricism and sun-saturated colour.

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The Winter's Tale (2014)

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